A Prestigous Artist, spreading her influence around the world  Evelyn Bailey is known for her incredible use of colour and passion for Creative Expression.

  With a background in the Art of Animation Evelyn is prolific in digital arts and is currently the lead Artist for the City of Cambridge's Light Show.

Evelyn's recent achievements include:

  • Featured Artist at the 2019 and 2020 Brilliant Minded Women's Gala. 

  • International Award for creative content, for the city of Cambridge Old Post Office's Light Show 

  • Cultural Arts and History Committee member for the City of Niagara Falls Host of the Annual Art Competition

  • Sub Committee member of Mother Earth Day in Niagara Falls (a garbage free festival to honour earth)

  • Creator of the 2020 EVALUTION Calendar for visual minds and the enlightened heart.

Art is the chosen tool for expression that Evelyn has mastered over her 20years. With the latest in technology and in a world rapidly evolving Evelyn now leads in Projection Mapping as both content creator as well as Art Director, leading a team of talented artist toward architectural transformation.


"your art Contributes to humanities masterpiece'



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