Welcome and thank you! I designed this website to guide you towards your inner artist. The creator in you desires to explore ideas.  Drawing is the simplest way to bring these ideas to life.

It's time to get intimate, in order for us to truly connect!

You are here because you are ready to unleash your Creative Imagination, Expand your mind and Heal your heart.  Through a creative guide and inspirational art, I hope to inspire you to embody your true nature through a highly conscious practice of visual Arts.

Art heals hearts and evolves minds.   


I AM Evelyn Bailey,  International Influential Artist and Mother of twin boys. In the pursuit of my dreams, I have been featured across many stages in Canada creating live experiences to inspire others to create.     With a background in Animation and passion for Visual Arts

I am now the lead director for creative content for the City of Cambridge's Light show, which brings thousands of locals to witness the display of digital Art, projected onto the building. My recent achievements include:

  • International Award for Creative Content, for the City of Cambridge Old Post Office. 

  • Cultural Arts and History Committee member for the City of Niagara Falls

  • Creator of the 2020 EVALUTION Calendar for visual minds and the ENLIGHTENED a Visual Arts Academy


Through Art I serve the public  to inspire creativity, and educate the importance and value of art. In a world rapidly evolving, art helps to expand our perspective of the world around us and transforms ideas into reality. 

If you feel drawn to learn more about how art can bring clarity and happiness than explore more!


a little about me
"your art Contributes to humanities masterpiece'



4444 Queen Street



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