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How Art Heal my Heart??

I started my journey as an artist with the world around me reminding me of the stigma "starving artist.
This single idea has turned off more potential artists than your art teacher or bully who didn't like your art!

(Please note that this is a 4min read)

When I decided to leave Toronto with two newborn twin boys and begin a new life in a new city. My transformation into motherhood and 'real life' began to show up in how I expressed my art my soul starting to take the lead.

'Proving anything' is a dance with the ego, and boy did I dance with my ego for many many many years. I got to the point where art and the process would stress me out. "it just HAD to be perfect"......who can relate??

This is where my EGO tried to always try to prove itself to others for validation and acceptance. Plus, I wanted to be the best......and thus began the wrong motives to create art.

I used to be 'attached' to every painting and drawing I would create and would spend HOURS drawing and erasing aiming for perfection. When I was accepted into the Degree program at Sheridan College, the Art of Animation everything changed.

The speed at which we had to draw "life drawing figures" was anywhere between 10seconds to 2minutes and we seldom went any longer. It blew my mind how unattached other students were to thier sketch. I became SO EAGER to learn and master the art of life drawing in seconds. (life moves within a blink and therefore we can catch those in between moments).

Take one step back, what I didn't mention, was that I was accepted with one of the lowest entry points (70/125). Let's just say, the instructors saw 'potential', and I really didn't know what I was getting myself into other than this was the BEST program for Arts in Canada and that Disney recruits from it!

In my ambition to succeed and my eagerness to keep up with all the talent around me, I ended falling head over heels for another artist who happened to be among the top two most talented artists in the program. Lucky me I watched, and I learned, and graduated with a completed final film and with interviews from some of the top studios like Bluesky, House of Cool in Toronto and Yowza studio in BC.

I lived a wonderful life in the Animation industry and built incredible talent and wonderful friends, however we come to a place in our life when purpose kicks in and the desire to break the norm and change everything up!

I separated from my relationship and decided to venture solo as a freelance artist. It wasn't long after that I sustained an injury that prevented me from drawing and began the transition into body awareness. (imagine, art was my identity...and lost access to my most valuable tool, my body).

I share all this because as an ARTIST, there are always so many odds against you, health if not taken seriously will cause the greatest downfall which will prevent you from ever creating again. I learned this the hard way.

Not long after my journey into fitness training and obsession over anatomy, I discovered a whole new world of movement that would eventually support the return to my favourite craft, painting!

AND THANK GOD I was reunited with art, as the toughest moments of my life had truly yet to come.

(Please note: you are at the halfway mark)

In 2017 I found myself single with twin boys, alone with nowhere to live. I made the terrible decision of entering into a relationship after two major devastations in my life; my family's house fire in Chile, and returning to my dog passing away two weeks after... I was devastated to say the least). I would not recommend settling for any relationship you attract when you are at your lowest vibrational set point.


This is where my saying ART HEALS HEARTS was birthed. It was during this time, when I decided to begin a new life alongside my twin sister in Niagara Falls and burn all bridges to any other option other than to succeed as a full-time mother.


My return to my inner creator came out when I changed my environment to support my freedom of expression again and help others do the same. Letting go of the my EGO's desire to be the best and simply being happy with the act of art itself and sharing this process with others!

After all, I have a very ambitious goal, which is to have a sustainable business as an artist that truly serves others to help ignite and activate their passion in order to live in purpose.

I believe Art is a lifeline and when we don't create we can easily lose touch with who we are.

I was born to create and I was reminded of this when I could feel my passions and connection to God enhance with every brush stroke and doodle I would allow to flow through me. With no EGO there to judge and no care of what others think, art of all kind is truly a necessary part of our well being and finding balance in our mind and heart.


NOW, I can honestly say that:

I feel more liberated in my mind and can find harmony in my thoughts!

I can feel my imagination working for me, not against me!

My business is growing because of my mental ability to cultivate ideas!

I feel more connected than ever AND fully self expressed!


Most importantly, I have a deeper connection with my children because they have the permission to express freely without feeling the pressure that most people feel when trying to do a simple task like paint or draw!

Before you go.... if you feel you relate to this article or you know someone who might, please share.

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